On all version and editions of Windows, please check in Windows Updates that there aren't pending updates waiting to be installed. Install if any are found the restart the computer.

Then follow these steps below to replace software dynamic library file, then continue using the software as before:

1. Next to the clock in the lower right corner of the screen click the system tray icon with the spanner then select option Shut down SystemSuite/Fix-It Utilities.
If there isn't such icon that means the software isn't running, so please proceed forward with the rest of these instructions:


2. Replace the StartupCommanderEngine.dll file located in the application install directory (default location on 32-bit system type is C:\ProgramFiles\Avanquest\SystemSuite\ or C:\ProgramFiles\Avanquest\Fix-It Utilities\) with this one here (this dynamic library file isn't common to transfer over the Internet, so conventional Internet browsers may report it as dangerous. Please keep the file anyway in order to amend the corrupt one.)

3. Reboot the PC

This should help the software to persist working normally.
In case you need further assistance please contact our Technical support team by submitting new support ticket on the portal.